My QR flight Doha To Muscat

Hey everyone! My friend and I have Just landed In Muscat from Doha. A Qatar Airways flight QR1126.
This flight Is a milestone for me as I have reached 2,000 flying hours! 😀

Let me show you the beautiful scenery I saw on today’s flight!

Flight Informations :
Route : Doha To Muscat
( OTHH —> OOMS )
Aircraft : Airbus A350-900
Airline : Qatar Airways ( LATAM )
Callsign : Qatari 1126
Flight Time : 1 hour 20 minutes.
Server : Expert Server.

The flight has started In Gate C6 In Doha’s State of the Art Hamad International Airport. ✈️

Right after takeoff from Doha, we see the beautiful Skyline of Doha! 🇶🇦 🌴

Avoiding The UAE Airspace ☀️ 🇦🇪
Look at the view from 35,000ft!

Approximately an hour after departure, we have started our descent Into Muscat, Oman! 🇴🇲 ☀️ 🌴

Touch Down In Muscat Runway 26R! 🛬

The END of the flight! 😀
I hope that you have enjoyed this as much as I did!


Looking great! Thanks for sharing, the LATAM livery really is a stunner!

Thank You! Yes I love It! I am glad that my favorite airline Qatar Airways has leased 5 LATAM A350s, so that I can fly them In IF on specific routes.👌


That’s a really nice coincidence for sure!

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Indeed! 😀
Also, the LATAM A350 In IF has the Qatar Airways registration, ( A7-AMA ).
That’s a victory for us QR Fans!
I thank the developers so much for that.🙏

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Really! That’s a odd choice in my opinion as LATAMs core operation isn’t the leasing of A350s to Qatar, even though it’s great for you and your flights.

I can understand why you see It odd.😀
But for us, ( QR fans ) that’s amazing!

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I can very well believe this!

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QR fan right here! 🙋‍♂️

Stunning shots! Doha had very beautiful waters!

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Might I ask why you were at FL350 for an 80 minute flight? Unless you were descending at a negative VS of over 1,000,I’d have stayed at roughly FL250. Not trying to come off as rude but it just doesn’t make sense to me.

Nothing wrong in that. The same route IRL is at FL350 as well

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I mean if it’s a real thing, then I suppose I’m ok with it. Some of the things real life pilots do just don’t seem logical to me.

Hello 👋 In real life, QR A350s usually climb up to 35,000ft In this route.

When it comes to descent, I have found my self over Muscat Airport and still at FL350 ( I was doing something and I forgot about the flight. ) I was so close from quitting the flight as I was In rush.

But then I have decided to descent rapidly. XD

And pick up a load of violations, right?

Not at all. ;) Speed Brakes were applied during the descent.

I’m currently flying In expert server as Qatari 95 to ZRH, that was the case I wouldn’t have access to expert server.😉

I’m sure you already know this but being higher in the sky costs MUCH less fuel and is MUCH faster because there is very little drag 35,000 feet up. Drag is the #1 enemy of a jetliner.

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Uhhhh I think you meant to deploy flaps + spoilers, right? Brakes are usually meant to be used on the ground, but if they kill speed then whatever.

I just pack more fuel.

I’ve flown on the same route irl, and our cruising altitude was 36,000 ft. Don’t see the problem with it? I mean, a 1:20 minute flight isn’t as short compared to a 45 min flight you claim to be comparing…

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Also, when it comes to high altitudes, The A350 usually flies at high altitudes even on the shortest of flights.

Have a look at this :

Seen here Is a Qatar Airways Airbus A350-1000 flying at 33,000ft on it’s shortest scheduled flight. ( Kuwait To Doha ) which only lasted about 55 minutes.

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