My purchases disappear when I'm offline.

Hi, Whenever I go somewhere where there is no wifi, My purchases disappear, This happens on both my iPad Air (iOS 11.01) and iPhone 5s (iOS 11.01), So, when I am connected to wifi, I have them, but when I don’t, It shows the Orange download icon on them, and either says ‘In App Purchases Unavailable
Check your Intenet Connection Settings or try again later’ or ‘In App Purchases Unavailable Products data is being downloaded, try again in a bit’
I have tried plenty of solutions. None of them have worked.

(Above) Aircaft with a stable internet/data connection.

(Above) Aircraft without a stable internet/data connection.

Some of the solutions I have tried include.

  • Re-installing the app.
  • Pressing restore purchases
  • Restarting my device/devices
  • Logging out and back in to my IF account via Facebook
  • Restarting the app
  • Logging out and back into my Apple ID.
    (None of these have worked.)

This also happens to my regions.

Please don’t go on about live, I do not have a Live+ subscription, only a normal one.

I believe Apple require a connection to verify in-app purchases when the app is launched. Therefore they would not be available offline.

Hello, when utilizing live you must have an internet connection whether it be from WiFi or a cellular service provider to utilize the features with you live subscription.

If you have live+ you need to be connected in order to use thise purchases

As a loophole, I would recommend starting the app before leaving wifi, so the in-app purchases can be verified :)

@Levet @Jack Please read it again, You don’t seem to understand, I am not talking about live.

Excuse me? I did read your topic and this is an issue for live+ users. It happens to me too and live+ users

@Jack I am not a live+ user.

Hello! This issue has been reported before and this has been the solution to it…

Hope to see you in the Skies soon!


It has also happened to me on the iPad 3(iOS 9.3.5) and on the iPhone 5s(iPS 11.0)
It must be a problem at Apple’s end.

Are you sure? Because you have a lot of purchased aircraft?

@Josh_Tomaz Have you ever had a live account?

Pretty sure the OP would know what they do and don’t own subscriptionwise. That message appears on all aircraft when you don’t have a connection.

There isn’t a way around this, other than starting the app so your purchases can be verified prior to you losing signal.

You can try switching on airplane mode when youre offline, it used to work for me when I had live+

@Brandon_K @sniperguy135 Unfortunately both of these solutions never worked

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Did you ensure that you switched on airplane mode before opening the app?

If all else fails, wait for a moderator’s suggestions I guess

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@Levet Yes I do, But not a Live+

Sign out of live, close the app, restart your device and let us know what a happens.

@Levet Never worked.

@Josh_Tomaz Okay, try this:

  1. Go to Settings in your device
  2. Next click General
  3. Then click Restrictions
  4. Finally click In-App Purchases (switch the enable disable) button