My Project Sunrise Flight! (London - Sydney 19:29 Hours)

Here i just complete a NON-STOP Flight from London to Sydney i just wanna share you guys some screenshots i know is a lots of screenshots but hope you enjoy! (no photoshop or effect)
Flight Information:
Sever: Expert
Route: (LHR) London - (SYD) Sydney (Non-Stop)
Airline / Aircraft: Qantas B789
Username / Callsign: Captain Jimmy L Qantas 859
Flight Time: 19:29 Hours

Pushback at LHR
Line up runway 09R
Takeoff runway 09R!
On our way!!
Sunrise! at 41,000ft
Final Approach runway 34L at SYD
Tuchdown Confirmed runway 34L
Welcome to Sydney!! 19:29 Hours Flight time

I hope you like my screenshots!, Thank you for visiting my topic! ❤


Great pictures!

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sure i’ll fix it

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Nice flight. Is it loaded with full fuel, no load?

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Wow that’s so long I have never done a long haul flight ever I don’t know just thinking about it so many hours but anyways great pictures that’s so cool

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100% fuel of course with 50 passengers and about 1,500 kg cargo

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Tuchdown? Cool photos. I would do this but im afraid ill lose to much fuel. How do i step climb?

I did it with out steps climb. You should be fine

oh really. good to know.

I did start at 35,000ft and keep going to 43,000ft burn less fuel that way

Is FL 430 the 787 ceiling

Incredible!!I I hope you enjoyed your flight! And how was your fuel?

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If I remember well it’s only 42 passengers and 200kg of cargo - and MAX fuel of course.


was 5% left properly for another 40 mins

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What happens if you get a really bad headwind. And you only do maybe like 400 or so ground speed

then i might have to land in darwin or Brisbane

i like picture 5 the sunset always brings the best pictures

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