My Problems About This Game

So I Brought this game yesterday and i saw we only have a little part we can fly at and cant go off from green areas i found that all airports can be unlocked by buying subscription and you get all airplanes.

I saw theres alot of planes then you get its like 15 planes out of 80 and I was unhappy about this. I tought like “I should refund the game” But I really wanted this game and I wanted try out multiplayer and guess what? It was only for pro subscription How fair is that? In country I live has some problems about money and I brought this game for 34.99TRY.And i suggest add a free multiplayer version for fair. Devs:Please do not say that “our game has a big code so we cant give multiplayer for free.” For fair just give a less coded version of it

Edit: Thanks for everyones help

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At this time there is no trial available for Pro.

The amount of data being streamed for multiplayer is significant and adds overhead to the bandwidth which in the end costs money. I understand your frustration and hopefully in the future there may be a way.

You do have the option of doing a monthly subscription with the ability to turn off the auto-renew at any time.


Well yes I totally understand… given there are whole lot of flight Simulators run in pc that are much cheaper. But this game is quite addictive isn’t it?

I have the same thoughts. That’s why I made this thread where people can vote to get more airspace in the normal version to fly in!

Also if you do want a free trial for IF pro vote for that feature request here:

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@Solder045. MaxSez: “Fair” life’s not fair young man… Appears you failed to read the description and in App purchase requirement when you chanced upon this “Simulator” at the App Store. “Caveat Emptor”…


It’s not that simple, Global costs tons of money because they need a source to get the pictures.
Also they need to deal with Copyright etc.
Having multiplayer also means that there has to be a physical server to run it.
That all costs loads of money. Life isn’t as easy as that.

This is the model that the developers have decided to go with at the moment. There are feature requests that are available to be voted on. This policy may change over time so who knows.