My problem

Hi,I have a problem,the problem is that whenever I try to hit the fly button in multiplayer it says that I need to be grade 2 to fly and shows me the requirements for it,but how do I achieve those requirements if I can’t fly in multiplayer???


You can achieve whatever requirements you are missing by flying on the Casual Server.
If you unsure of what requirements you are missing, feel free to share a screenshot of your Grade table so we can help you.



But I am grade 1 and it’s telling me that I can’t fly on any of the servers

Please select the Casual Server, try to enter it and if you get an error message, take a screenshot and show us :)

K thanks for help,it was glitching I guess.Btw how do I open the doors on the new crj dash 800?

(But off topic) anyway, there’s a button on the bottom right corner (in the menu with all the lights) on it it’s written actions. Click it and you have all the possibilities. (Doors and the wipers)
Hope that helps

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