My problem with ATC

I don’t like how they changed it to regional ATC because at time I feel like there’s never ATC depending on where I want to fly. Also, if there is ATC at certain airports, they’re only active for 20 mins max and then huge intervals until the next controller is active. Just very annoying.


Hi! Out of curiosity, what are some examples of types of airports, or even specific ones, that you would like to see opened more often? I wouldn’t mind changing up some of the places I control in order to help provide a better experience to some users and I’m sure others feel the same way. :)

We actually adjusted our rules internally. Previously, controllers at a class bravo airport had to be open a minimum of an hour, and controllers at a charlie/delta airport only had to open for a minimum of 30 minutes. Now the standards have adjusted to all controllers only needing to be open a minimum for 30 minutes, regardless of airport or frequency type. This increases controller activity, but it is a drawback that pilots may have planned flights but there just isn’t enough time before the controller closes. Apologies for that. We do have plans in the future to make this process a bit easier for everyone, pilot and controller-wise.


Awesome response. Thanks for elaborating on the minimums and the regulations. Some of the airports I would like to see more controlled would be the Florida area, and for Chicago O’hare being the big airport it is, I never see it being controlled.

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I simply wanted to forward you to somewhere many of these things (frustration and praise alike) have been discussed already.

Is the new system perfect? No. But that thread allows IFATC staff to see feedback in one central area and build on it. The system recently introduced isn’t a quick-fix to never be changed again. Your feedback in that thread will inform the next steps for ATC service on the Expert Server.

As for “minimums and the regulations,” @Shane has helpfully addressed those.


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Keep an eye out for a US East takeover coming Thursday 😉

Where’s the thread?

Coming soon

Better to bunch ATC for a better flight experience. The rule would better be that an ATC controller should locate near an active situation.

Most controllers open where the traffic is, and I’m guilty of doing that myself. However, we sometimes control other airports that are of interest. Once the new system really settles in, I’m sure the diversity and consistency of airport openings will improve. Until then, just hang on and enjoy what we have to the fullest extent possible.

The main reason for this switch was because with the addition of 3D buildings, most pilots only fly to/from 3D building airports and there is a great chance open non-3D airports would not receive any traffic. This also dealt with the issue of unrealistic traffic to many airports. Personally, I preferred the old schedule better and I hope that when most bravo airports get 3D buildings (hopefully in a year or so) the schedule will return. This appears to be the overwhelming consensus by the IFC from what I have seen.

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