My Pro-Subscription has been deactivated

So today I hopped on IF, and found all planes and my subscription were not active. It’s weird as I had it on auto-pay and the latest transaction was on Dec. 9th. Before today, it said it was valid until Jan. 9th. Maybe the transaction wasn’t successful?

Are you sure you are signed into the correct account in the app?

Maybe your credit card or payment info was not updated as apple can be tricky like that

yes. I am certain it was the same account I had for 2 years I believe

Try and check if your payment info is still there in your account

What is your latest callsign and/or display name?

Callsign; DLVA1506
Display name: "
IFFG Gavin I"

The sub is still active from what i can see in our systems.
Please try to restart your device and see how it looks after that :)

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Alrighty :)

It’s back, problem solved, you may now close the topic, thanks for the help guys :)