My Prediction

My Prediction is that I about a day from now all of the people who were complaining about how this update took to come out will start constantly complaining about the next update. Honestly I would like to have the A320 update soon but things like that take time, if you think about it Xplane and FSX weren’t like they are now in a year. I personally admire the FDS for there work. I think that instead of thinking about the future think about now and go and play Infinite Flight the whole reason why this is here.
This message was not meant to create arguments.
Thank you

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People will always ask questions about the update and complain that they don’t get one everyday alongside £7million and a free private jet. Just have to live with it I guess


Yeah I totally agree

The devs want my 110 more dollars for me to get bbj back because i had it before. But they dont care its all for the money

Steady on chap! I think he’s mad because of a miss purchase and having to pay more money!

But there’s a way of solving the problem Logan without the negative insight :)

Peace peace peace

Lol, I’d rather not!

Not sure I understand what you are trying to say here? Are you having issues with restoring purchases? If you do, post in the support category or send us an email with more details; we will be happy to help.

We do care and spend a lot of time interacting with the community everyday.


I trying to say that everyone should appreciate your game instead of constantly asking for an update and I also admire your work