My PPL as a high schooler

Hey, so I was thinking of doing ground school summer and getting my instrument rating next year. After that, start getting hours and working towards solo flights. As I am just going into a Collage Prep High School, is this a good idea? Give me your thoughts.

If you have the time and willing to dedicate the time, I say go for it

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I’m a bit confused by the do ground school, then get Instrument, then solo?

You need to get your PPL first which includes solo flight prior to getting that license let alone instrument.


Any chance you can get to working towards your dream I would certainly take!

The order it goes is:

  1. Flight training and ground school

  2. Solo flight

  3. Flight training and more ground school

  4. PPL checkride, oral, and written exam

  5. Instrument

Also, sometime before your first solo you will need to obtain a class 3 medical certification and a student pilot certificate.

Becoming a pilot is a lot of work. You will need commitment and money. I would recommend taking a discovery flight at your local airport’s flight school to get a primary hands on experience.
PM me if you have any questions!


Hello. I’m a junior in High School getting my PPL by the end of 2019 (Hopefully) but definitely before College. I definitely would recommend getting your PPL before college because it cuts down on cost and time rather than in college. But, DO NOT get your instrument if you go to college for aviation. This messes up Part 141 requirements and it is a whole to do. But, not making decisions for you, just telling you what I have found.

Thank you all. @Will_A and @AviationReports I will send a pm to you where we can discuss this further. Mods can close this now.

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I mean honestly I would get your instrument if you are going to 141… one of the reasons I quit 141 was Bc of all the extra stuff I had to do in order to start my 141 instrument training

The big point of 141 is for less total hours, not sure how they made you do “more.” 141 reduces the hour requirements but you need to hit it from the beginning for it to really make sense.

Just wanna drop this tip. FAA has every handbook for free online great way to start studying with no cost.

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I am aware. They made us start initial commercial and then do a whole bunch of cross countries before we could start the 141 instrument. And since I had already came in w the legal number of x country hours it was more

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