My post was hidden even though I use *** for the swear word.

My post was flagged by a person even though I hid 75% of the swear word.

Don’t swear on the forum at all. You won’t have this issue


Implying swear words in any way is a violation of this communities policy. you should never swear on here.

and even this **** counts?

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Never swear on the forums. Ever. You will still most likely get your post flagged even though you hid most of the word. It’s a violation of the Terms and conditions and you can get in serious trouble.


Swearing is a violation of the ToS. This is NOT okay.

Here is the ToS:

Just remember to think about what you will say before you click reply :)


Also wasn’t the nicest word you could’ve used. Shoot would’ve been a lot better in this case.

Lesson is just chill, it’s a guessing thread. We’ve all made those mistakes. Don’t let those emotions get to you:) PM me if you want to talk about anything more. We’re all here to help!


I think the main point is that you should never feel the need to swear in the first place man, it’s just an internet forum.

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We like to keep it clean, bad words and hiding bad words with **** goes against our traditions here in the community. ❤️✈️