My post got flagged

Help please!

I think they misinterpreted your “Lol” as a “laugh out loud” instead of a “lots of love”


Yes I meant lots of love

It’s pretty obvious why it was flagged.

Replying “lol to the people on board” on a thread relating to the lion air crash isn’t a good thing to do.


If it was flagged, it wasn’t suitable for the forums. Make sure to review the guidelines so you don’t make the same mistake :)

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Lots of love

i’d say repost without using the abbreviation

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It doesn’t mean lots of love. Just remember that next time.


Okay sure thing

Okay sure t

Hey! You made a topic about a previous flag you received and got a valid answer of what happens and what a flag is. Next time if I were you, I’d pm a mod for the explanation instead of making a topic. Just my thought. :)
Hope to see you around on the ifc!


Thank you! I will!

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is this guy a troll or does he legitimately think that “lol” stands for “lots of love”


I understand the reason whoever flagged u bec lol usually means laugh out loud
Thing is we have a prob in our cummunity they a lot of TL2s think that there mods (or try to be) and flag anything that’s remotely bad
Whoever u are (the person that flagged it) be considerate next time


It goes both ways
Lots of love
Laugh out loud

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Yeah that is really true .

Just make sure to use the full phrase rather than an abbreviation that can mean two different things- espcecially in the context of what the other (more known) meaning of Lol being laugh out laugh and especially about the context of the topic.


Literally 30 percent of people will think that. It’s also obvious what he was saying. Just the IFC doing their thing again. -_-

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G’day @IF.Oz, I’m gonna explain this in more detail for you. Your post got flagged as inappropriate meaning it’s not nice. The reason it was flagged as inappropriate in the first place was because it was offensive, the some 150 people that lost their lives in the crash is awful and then all of there family members that will never see them again is very disheartening, so using the word lol is very disrespectful to the people that lost their lives. The official definition for the inappropriate flag is:

This post contains content that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or a violation of our community guidelines.

This means that if someone were to flag it they would have flagged it for one of those reasons. Then a staff member opted to delete the post as it wasn’t nice. Now the word or abbreviation lol can mean lots of things like:

  • Lots Of Love
  • Lots Of Lions
  • Lots Of Light
  • Lots Of Lightning
  • Laugh Out Loud
  • Lots Of Lima’s
  • League Of Legends

The list goes on but in your case you said LOL and people thought you meant Laugh Out Loud, with it being about a crash and people loosing their lives I would have steered clear of using LOL in any form as people might think it’s offensive. You then said to the people on board adding to the offensive post you already made. In the future I would recommend you proof read your posts and make sure that you won’t offend anyone in the post. Have an awesome rest of your day.