My Planespotting Day at LEBL!

In august (I know, a long time ago…) I went to Barcelona El Prat to spot airplanes almost all day and I made a video! The views from “El Mirador del Prat” are incredible! Just look at theese photos:


This was at the beggining of august, but 30th august it arrived first Asiana’s Boeing 777-200ER, so I came to see it! Some photos:

Look the full video of the first planespotting day here:


Nice shots!

Gotta love the A340…

It’s no longer flying to Barcelona, so I had luck going before being replaced by an A350-900 (or sometimes a Boeing 777-300ER)

Get edited!

Wow! It’s incredible! Thanks for editing!

But wait theirs more!

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