My Planes Made Out Of Foam

These were my planes that I built out of foam

It’s an American Airlines B737-800!!!


This is an Spirit Airlines a320


Do they fly?


I have a question. Does it hold passengers lol?

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I’m afraid not 😄

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You have a good idea.👍

Thats actually pretty cool! I’m sure you could make flying versions by putting some servos and computers onboard!

What do you mean? There’s a difference between actual Model aircraft and these foam ones. How can you say that buying model planes instead of this is expensive? What, are you going to put these foam planes in your model airport?

No, I’m saying this is a great way to save money. You could have a whole fleet of aircraft with these foam airplanes (for example, 50 of them) while the same amount of money spent on model airplanes only takes you so far 🙂

Well these foam planes are not meant to be used as models… But I see what you’re trying to say.

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