My planes ap went to M8800.00 with no input

I was watching yt and all I heard is the over speed warning and I looked and the bug that I had a while ago is back.

Do you have IF-A?

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Alright. Well the voice recognition did that. Sometimes, it’s faulty and hears stuff. Used to happen to me all the time. Gear would extend for no reason.

Just disable the voice recognition :)

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But I didn’t even buy it or have it enabled


I can’t think of any other way besides IF-A. Do you have any other apps used?

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The other other add on that I had was IF operations but that doesn’t have any voice stuff

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Also this happened to me a couple times back when the 77W was In Beta

IFA you can set your speed. Perhaps you put altitude into the speed thing and ended up going 35,000 kts

Nope I don’t Ben touch those thing and I think it’s just sets a notification it’s doesn’t it it automatically. And I was also at FL390 for about 2 hours

I feel that this would’ve all been prevented had you payed attention to your speed…I’m saying pilot error on this one.

Aviate, Navigate, Communicate.

? What doesn’t this have to do with my ap auto setting to Mach 8800. What if they happens on a over night and I’m sleeping

By the looks of it, you’ve got very little fuel and you’re way too fast, disregarding the M8800 that it showed. This could all be prevented if you cruise slower (0.78-0.80 in an A321), and on another note, some more fuel for next time.

I was cruising at M.79 but my ap speed me up and when I realized I started to screen recording to make this topic and the fuel was my bad I put in 4 hours for a 3:30min flight and then head winds but I still landed. But again this has nothing to do with my current problems with the ap. If you watched the whole wives you would have seen that I slowed back down to M.79

Which device are you using? Apple or Android?

Based on the OS, it seems to be an iPhone of some kind.

It’s Apple iPhone 8 plus

Maybe it is a bug or a wrong numerical that IF given?

This should and would never happen if you were at Mach 0.79. Do you have the whole replay that you can share, preferably with


The most likely reason have been identified on numerous occasions.

If you can find a stable reproduction of this, great.
Until then, we’re most likely just going to keep going around in circles here. Nothing productive will come out of it.

So, repro.