My plane won't takeoff

I got up to speed, 160 and when I tried to rotate my phone towards me, the plane wouldn’t rotate and it’s done this on an A330 and B787. I’m not sure why can somebody help me.

Have you been calibrating your device once you line up on the runway before taking off?

Yes, I have attempted to calibrate my device before taking off, but that didn’t work so I restarted my game, and that didn’t work. I’ve managed to take off by turning autopilot on while on the ground and setting my VS higher but there is no other way.

What device are you using?

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This once happened to me at Rome airport with Wizzair! Maybe if you calibrated lots of times it probably just glitched! Try and reinstall the app and see if that works 🙂 or restart your device

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I’m using an Iphone 14.

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All good, restarted my phone and attempted to calibrate only when I was holding short of the runway. Taken off fine and now got a 5-hour journey to Jeddah. Thank you!

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Ah I thought it would work like this! Absolutely no problem! Here to help anytime!:D🙂✈️

I ushually like to rotate the A330 at around 165kts
Because I ushually put in the little extra Fuel…but that’s just me

Make sure you add trim if you have not already.

Tip for next time:
: Add a trim of ±15 before takeoff.
: Add 5-10 degree of flaps (depends on airplane and it settings).
: Calibrate your phone while sitting in upright position.

Hmmm I think I know it happened to me before!
Go to controls and clickon reset default @Elliott2

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