My plane won't stop descending!

Take a look at these photos!

My plane kept descending. As you can see, my plane was on autopilot. I went around because I wasnโ€™t paying attention! ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…. Anyway, my plane kept going down when I was trying to level at FL020 (2000FT). No matter how much thrust and lift I tried to put, the plane kept on descending. Iโ€™m assuming that it was pilot (my) error. Can someone help me?

Did you turn off autopilot and try to restore manually?

FL020 does not exist.


I put 2000ft just in case. ๐Ÿ˜

The first picture I did.

Retract your spoilers, they destroy your lift. Flaps 1, I assume, is critical for a 747 at 200kts (I never fly the 747). Last but not least, in these cases you are better off saving your plane by turning AP off and fly manually.


Ehm if you have an altitude in you AP like 1000 ft and and you want VS of 1000 but you are above 1000 ft he Will descent with 1000 vs

Itโ€™s called pilot intervention for a reason lol


The first picture I did. I accidentally engaged it.

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Have you been using LiveFlight connect/Joysticks recently?

Flaps 1 is only to help slow it down. I never meant for it to destroy lift

Never. @dush19 how can I calibrate when Iโ€™m in live, at 500ft, having to retract my altitude.

I understand, but if you wanna slow down you should use the spoilers. Flaps are not really meant to slow down, itโ€™s just a side effect. Generating lift is the main purpose of flaps but you know that.

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Flaps are for drag, they can slow down. They help with the landing!

Menu - Calibrate - and pull up ASAP

Have you messed up with the settings in the control page?

Try hitting restore defaults to see if it clears the issue

I know how to do it @dush19. When I calibrate it it would have messed me up more.

Actually, this is the 3rd time in a two day time frame this happened! I donโ€™t remember going in the settings.

Try restoring defaults

I keep things on some settings on purpose, and rarely ever change it!