My Plane Spotting Gallery

Welcome to my heart and soul! This is one of my favorite things to do outside of flying in IF, so you should expect these to be good haha

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Well done, beautiful pictures!

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I need to give credit to @Robertine for convincing me to do this. Thankyou!


More on the way soon

nice pictures

inb4 “omg u cant post more than 10 pics !!111”

You can only post 10 pics at a time, maybe link to an external source to post all of your photos and post here when it’s updated?

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You didn’t have to credit me…
Your pictures are just so nice!
thanks anyways! :)

What camera did you use?

I just love the 21st picture!

Canon EOS rebel t3 one of the older versons of the rebel with a 250-400mm lens

Oh sorry @BluePanda900 should I take this down

Nah, you’ve got some really nice shots, just organize them a little more and pick your top 10 or link an external photo gallery source.
Maybe try this one?

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Thank you!

All at KSEA? Great looking pics btw.

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Amazing photos! :D

The Air Force One pictures 😍

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