My Plane Sinks on one of my replays due to no landing gear present on startup

On one of my particular replay files, the planes landing gear is not present which leads to the plane sinking infinitely into the ground. The replay file used to work fine, but it has just suddenly stopped working and I haven’t touched it since. Is this bug familiar to anyone else?

Would be great if anyone may know a fix!

FlyingTsunami :)


It is either a disconnection during the time you flew or a pothole. To fix the pothole issue, clear the scenery cache :)

How do I Clear the scenary cache? :)

Located in Settings > General.

Brilliant! Thank You Very Much!

Have a great day :)

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Still hasn’t fixed it :( Thanks for the tip though.

Is your aircraft label turning orange when it sinks in the ground? If so, that is a disconnection on your end with no real fix unfortunately.

No Not at all, still neutral

I’ve had this issue before. I fixed it by deleting some previous replays, try that.

I also had this issue twice, once I had to restart my device. The other time I had to delete and reinstall Infinite Flight. If nothing above works as a last resort delete and reinstall IF.

Had this before, I restarted my phone and it was fine. If not maybe uninstall and reinstall infinite flight again.

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