My plane is spawning into terrain

When I fly at a airport in a mountain, like Lukla or Courchevel, even though i clicked to spawn so I would face the correct way to takeoff/land, the app just corrects me to the other side for some reason. Also, when I press the Short Final button, when I get too close to the side that’s next to the mountain, I get spawned into the mountain, and my camera goes to some random spot, and I would crash when I reach the side of the terrain I’m in, does anybody know if this is normal?


Do you mean it is spawning you to takeoff into the mountain or go off the edge of the mountain? Cause these airports have very specific departures for obvious reasons where the arriving and departing aircraft can only come from one side of the runway.

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Try and set the winds to favor the runway you’re planning on taking off.

The Short Final and Takeoff options will place you in a location which depends of the winds.

It corrects me to takeoff into the mountain

I probably should’ve explained it more clear, I meant on the menu screen where I can pick which side to spawn at

Can you share a screen recording please?

k, give me a sec

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Umm… I’m new to this, can you tell me how I can upload a video?

Upload it to YT and send the link

Okay thanks

Here you go: Video

Ok I understand now, weird issue, I’m of no help unfortunately.

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Ok, that’s fine. Thanks for trying though.

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