My plane always nosedive

Hello guys so im currently having a problem that every time i start a decend and i put down my flaps my plane looks like is nose diving and sometimes drops rapidly and then recovers why is this happening is it the flaps?

Which aircraft is this? What speed are you putting flaps down?


Sometimes 290kts and 250kts and it happens with mos of the planes today it happened with the 757

Those are quite high speeds to drop flaps down. Flaps are used to generate lift at lower airspeeds and increase drag on the aircraft. I would recommend checking out the topic below for the full takeoff and landing profiles for the 757. The flap speed limitations are listed roughly halfway down the original post.


Thanks alot I’ll keep that in mind 🙂

Tip: Flap speed limit is actually in the cockpit of the new 757


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