My plan for next event

Hi guys.How are you.Right now the school has started back.Now I’m on my study for Malaysian Higher Education Certificate.I was thinking for my next event at 2022 but don’t know the month yet.I’ve got the idea when watching Sam Chui video about Project Sunrise.

Which Project Sunrise Route you want to me make ?

Which Project Sunrise Route you want me to make?
  • London to Sydney (0600Z - 0100Z next day)(we will see double sunrise in flight)
  • New York to Sydney (0300Z - 2300Z)(We just see a sunrise a few hours before arrive)

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So,when I make a comeback next year.I will make this event.

Vote it guys.I will tell the result a month after the vote start.

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The longer the flight the better👍

Come on guys.Vote now.

We ask that these topics are refrained from, and the event is simply made.