My photos of the last Months

These are one of many photos of the last months that I would like to share here :)

QANTAS A330 over Australia

A330 AER LINGUS Departure from Dublin

A330 EMIRATES departure from Klax

Ryanair B738 in the Sunset

ALITALIA Formation ( A321, B777, MD-11)

Blue Angels Patrolling

Jet2 A321 departure to Gran canaria

Territory of Qatar Airways (B787 and A380)

RAM B787 over sahara

IF livery

Thank you for your attention and I hope you liked the photos
If you want to see more just visit my instagram profile.

Goodbye and see you next time! :)


Those are amazing! Well done…

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Now those are some edits. How do you do that?

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Photoshop C6 for PC ;)

Very cool 🤩👍🏽 Nice shots !

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wow nice pics, love the a321 jet2 edit and the a330 aer lingus

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Amazing photos @Othman_Asli. Keep up the awesome work!😀

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Awesome! This is why we really need an aer Lingus livery on the A330


I thought that Jet2 Livery was actually in the sim. Really cool pictures!

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Great edits and well done editing the new livery for Aer Lingus!

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Those Qatar airplanes are stunning!

Nicely done. Keep it up!

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you had me hyped up for new liveries. that’s how good they are

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Oh, those are edits? I came expecting some of those to be liveries, but I was wrong. Great job!

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Can you do some more edits like the Emirates A340-600 or the United 77W?

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Well done amazing pic. Great Photographer!📸

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