My photos from my flight from bwi to mke

1)this is from infinite

**2) this on the the training server the time was about1:00 and this was from bwi to mke **


Parked at the gate

Take off

Climbing to 310fl

Approach to Milwaukee

Bad landing

At the gate


Do I see landing lights on at the gate?

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Yes, but turn them off

Yes but turn them off

Just some advice, turn strobe and landing lights on only when on an active runway

You should see other tips like this when loading in

Ok I have done that but I keep forgetting to get my checklist book out

Nice photos. Keep practicing with the grease

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Hahahahhahaha. Now that is the best thing I have ever heard

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Well thank you God bless you

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Nice pics!

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Thanks for the comment

nice photos, keep it up.

Thx for the info

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Heyo! Nice pictures, but just a reminder for next time you post, only one #screenshots-and-videos topic can be made every 24 hours! Thanks.

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Ok I will remove that have a good day

Nice photos! Watch out for the centerline.

Yeah I try

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