My phone screen get broken of IF and what should i do?

What do you mean? you broke you screen while playing IF?

Two things, can you elaborate on what happend? And can you move this to #support?

I think I see a headphones icon and globe icon imprinted on the screen if you look closely.


Ahh i see this happens to me every time it should fix it self @Pijus_Paskocimas

I hate to be the party pooper…

You cannot fix this. Based on this image, you have a Samsung galaxy S7 edge (?) Which has an super AMOLED screen. The icons are burnt into the screen and can never be removed.

To prevent this getting worse in future, do not run the app at max brightness, and hide the UI during long flights.


This is in Lithuanian. He is using a translator.

Sveiki. Aš nesuprantu, kas nutiko jūsų telefonui, ar galėtumėte pasakyti, kas atsitiko?

Aš nekenčiu, kad būsiu partija.

Negalite to išspręsti. Remiantis šiuo vaizdu, turite „Samsung“ galaktikos S7 kraštą (?), Kuris turi super AMOLED ekraną. Piktogramos yra sudegintos į ekraną ir niekada negali būti pašalintos.

Kad ateityje būtų išvengta šio blogėjimo, nedarykite programos maksimalaus ryškumo ir paslėpkite vartotojo sąsają ilgų skrydžių metu.


Burn in on AMOLED screens (Samsung Galaxy uses AMOLED) cannot be fixed. The damage is permanent. It will not fix itself and is different to image retention with LCD screens, which is temporary.

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Aha i was just talking about my case good to know thanks :)

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Oh but i even deleted it but its still the same i also bought new phone s9 and it’s starting doing the same…

As you can see it looks like its permanent…

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Deja, negalite to išspręsti. tai yra nuolatinė žala, kurios negalima nustatyti. vienintelis būdas jį atsikratyti yra pakeisti savo prietaiso ekraną. tai gali atsitikti su bet kuria programa.

Wow I’ve never seen that b4 with any app
I wonder how that happend

And also Shld I be nervous that it can happen to me?

It happens when the same pixels are on for a long time. For long flights at cruise go into IF settings, set Interface Timeout to something other than never and tick the box next to Hide Status Bar. Then set camera view to scenic. The means that the view is constantly changing.

Permanent screen burn in can happen on any device with an AMOLED screen. Image persistence can happen with LCD screens but is temporary.

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Does a I phone XR have a AMOLED screen

Google is your friend.

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Ckeck this out

If anyone else wants to know what type of screen their phone has, don’t ask me or anyone else on this thread, use Google, that’s what it’s there for.