My phone overheats.

My phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) Overheats like 5 minutes after take-off in the air + It drains my battery very fast. What could i do?

Hi there,

Here is some good tips to keep your device running cool.

  • Ensure you have limit frame rate on in IF
  • Enable low power mode in IF
  • Lower your screen brightness
  • Lower your audio
  • Try setting your device on a hard surface like a table or countertop as this will help the device dissipate heat better than it would while resting on a pillow or couch.

Thank you! I will try this right now.

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Levet can correct me if I’m wrong - but if it is in a case, it would probably be better if you took it out of the case while flying. That has helped me in the past.

Also, if you set it on the counter - move it to another spot every now and then so it’s back on a cool spot that can accept the heat better than the hot spot created from the previous position.

Screen brightness lowered is what you can do

That also works well and saves battery πŸ˜‰