My Personal Travel Experience

I was flying from London Heathrow to Tucson International Airport with American Airlines. I was really surprised by how well the travel experience with American went. I heard not very nice things about them, but what I got in Economy class was beyond better than I heard. I flew the 777-200 from London to New York and it was 6 hrs and 55 mins. The flight was smooth and the landing was soft. They fed us delicious food and a lot of snacks. The seats were comfortable and the entertainment was amazing. Definitely the best experience I have had with a US airline. 10/10.


I have had great experiences with them as well. Ever since their beautiful new 2013 livery/paint scheme, I’ve looked at them much better as they catch my eye from the ground.


Not many airlines can do that anymore sadly…

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Do you mean “sadly” in a positive or negative way? Haha.

Negative towards the airlines. Not towards you.

I agree with you. The livery looks great.


The first time I travelled with an American airline was United, but it was years ago. Some recent experiences with American airlines were with Southwest and AA.

I’d consider Southwest as a economic alternative, but I have to admit they’re good, no complaints whatsoever. American Airlines is not bad, but when I travelled with them, their flights were delayed.

My first experience with an American carrier was with United some time ago, evening/night flight to newark from heathrow I think, the flight was barely full so we were able to take antire rows to ourselves 😂 perfect for strectching out and sleeping

I never really got to fly with the revised American Airlines… but I hated it the last time I flew with them in early 2013.

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