My personal problem with Global!

I watched on YT that the update is out and I was soooo happy! Until I noticed… I don’t have online/air traffic control. Then I was wondering… why don’t we get a free 30 day trial for online/air traffic. This can make people who can’t/don’t get the online/air traffic can experience how it is like to be a successful pilot. But in my opinion it’s a good idea what do you think?

Thanks for the feedback! Air traffic control access is available for all users on the training server. Are you not able to access this?


Hard work shouldn’t go unpaid. Do you get a free trail of a Xbox or a Play station game prior to purchase? Or can you say to Apple I’d like to try this phone out for 30 days then I’ll let you know? No you can’t, all the information is out there for you to make an informed decision. If you don’t like it you’re only out 10 bucks.

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There are some mattress companies that give you in home 100 night trials… 😂