My Own Model Airfield

This is what happens when you spend too much time browsing GeminiJets xD


Nice! I like it.

Thanks! Spent 2 years collecting the aircraft. Can hardly believe my parents are still okay with it xD


I am sure your parents will continue to let you build model airports. Keep up the good work!


It’s awesome. I wish I can get one. I only have model planes 😢


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3 aircraft costs around 100 dollars without shipping… The mat and terminal costs around 200 dollars…

Very nice :)

This is mine!!!it is a mix of Herpa and Gemini.


Where did you get your terminal, Im looking at buying a decent sized terminal that can hold more then 5 planes, any ideas on what to do

It is from Herpa you have different terminal and airport

Everything you see is actually GeminiJets

The terminal is $300, the mat is $75. Planes range from $35-$65, depending on demand and materials required. So, I would say, maybe about $900-$1000

I’m jelly af right now.

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This is over the course of 2-3 years. I haven’t been ordering new models for a while. Don’t know what to get, but thinking cargo.

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An-225? xD

Gemini only makes the AN-124. Problem is all models are limited time.

thanks, i have a few GeminiJets I’m hoping to get more its just its hard to get them in canada for a decent price

I wish I had the money and space for something like that, my mother hates a mess and I’m a broke 13 year old.


People spend $1000+ on model airports/airfields and people complain about the price of Live / planes on Infinite flight which would cost less …