My Own Grand Tour EGLL-FLKK

I am travelling the world in my favourite aircraft the Boeing 787-9 in my favourite Airline Livery Vietnam Airlines. This flight leaves London on a calm morning on its 9hr 30 min journey to Zambia. Sure it’s not a route of theirs and most of mine won’t be I hope you enjoy the experience a little through these shots.

Aircraft - 787-9
Engine type- X2 General Electric GEnx

  • EGLL 9L Rotate
  • 500KT Left turn over the Gulf of Gabes Tunisia
  • Flaps 15 onto final FLKK
  • 50 ft above RWY 10 Kenneth Kaunda Intl Zambia.


Amazing photos! Definetly one of my favourite looking Liveries!

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Hi there, these are some good photos, but please could you specify server, time of flight, and maybe put the picture descriptions under the correct pictures.

By this I mean what time of day.

Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing!

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