My overnight 16.5hr flight!

You guys can check out my overnight flight:

It is a 16.5hr from YVR-MEL (diverted to Sydney) And it’s landed already.

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That’s a long one. Good luck with that.

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I decided to divert to Sydney.

I’m landing in Sydney right now!

Touchdown! (It’s butter!)

Let us see the replay of the landing or it didn’t happen


How do you upload it?

I’m doing this on my phone, it was on my iPad.

Here you will find all about how to manage your replays:

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It’s in my logbook:

But not in my replays:

I can’t upload my screen recording of it.

No worries! As long as you landed safe it’s good 👍🏻

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On second thought though, after watching it, it could be better. But it’s not easy to land a basically empty 787-9.

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I usually find the 787 a plane easy to smooth out on touchdown.

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Not when super empty, it’s very touchy when empty

Can a mod close this?
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