My opinion

Yes, I get the voting is already over, and yes, I get that this does not affect any of the decisions. BUT there was no reason for the A380 to win over the 767-300ER,
#1 The 767-300ER has more routes
#2 the 767-300ER has been flying for 30+ years and is STILL booming in the industry,
#3 The A380 is a struggling plane and honestly does not need a rework as much as the 767-300
#4 we already have a lot of long-haul planes; I need another plane to cross with on transatlantic routes.
In all honestly, I do not hate the A380, I am going to have a lot of fun flying it. But it is just a bit disappointing to see an opportunity for IF shut.
Just my opinion, please do not attack me.


Apart from the fact that 3700 people voted for it?

The A380 is an iconic plane. It will be the first quadjet to be reworked. First double decker to be reworked. Not everyone will prefer it over the 767, but the majority did.

Have a good day :)


True, BUT I am just saying the 767 is an even bigger icon is basically what I am saying :)

I agree with what you’re saying but having the A380 reworked is gonna be the first quad jet with details apart from the other wide bodies in IF

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It is what the community wants, sometimes you are in the majority and other times you may be in the minority. We just have to take it in stride (regardless of which side you are on) and move forward. Thanks for expressing your opinion!


Just because you think something doesn’t mean everyone else does. And, in that case, you’re in the minority.


I am just saying my opinion :)

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And I do realize that…

Well clearly there was a larger reason for the A380 to win otherwise it wouldn’t have

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While i agree that the 767 definitely should have won, this is definitely not the way to express that. If you want to make a point and be taken seriously, there are a lot of better ways of doing it than making a topic to contest the results of an organized poll.


all planes are great and you should be thankful that they’re even updating the planes. You can still enjoy flying other planes than your favorite. I’m sure there are lots of community members who have the opposite opinion of yours (both are totally valid) so there has to be one winning and one losing side (although it’s still a great plane and I don’t think anyone truly loses)


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