My opinion on the new IFATC regions

The new update came out to IFATC where there are no schedules anymore; this has made IF less fun with pilots not being able to fly into those amazing hubs. Adding on IFATC made me discover so many new places. IFATC schedules were amazing because they would always be there on the form and were organized, now we have to look for the time, dates, and regions. IFATC now is not good with the only airports open are 3d airports.

In conclusion, IFATC Schedules were amazing because they were organized, easy to access, and brought us to places and airports that we would never plan on flying to which made us use planes/liveries you would never think about using.

How to solve this, maybe adding one hub every day in a certain part of the world to allow the pilots and ATC to land or to control in a busy airspace

( I can’t make this in features, to make a poll )


It’s just the first week… Give it time.

Also to criticise without giving solutions isn’t a good thing. So, what do you propose (knowing schedules won’t come again)?


Hey there! I completely understand your concerns as a pilot where ATC service is not guaranteed as a result of the change in the ATC meta. Also speaking as a controller, the lack of ability to generate traffic is not necessarily the nicest feeling. That said, it’s important to note that we’re just over a week into regional controlling.

All members from pilots to Tyler, our ATC manager, is still trying to gather enough information to understand regional controlling with enough depth to make an informed decision to move towards a better future. Not to mention the amount of work that people like Tyler has put into getting this to try to work in the first place.

In all, regional controlling is a big shock for everybody involved, there’s just no two way about it. But given that we’re just under 10 days into the whole new regional controlling idea, the meta wouldn’t necessarily show itself for a little while longer, and only after that can a true understanding on the whole system be gathered.


Honestly, I agree - I miss the days of flying into a region with busy airspace and tons of arrivals. However, I understand the need to space out this traffic and totally get the challenge involved in determining the semantics of that. That being said, a possible solution to this could be, to have more daily events maybe?


That’s a very fair observation, thanks for the quick comment. :)


I’m firmly of the opinion that greater visibility and accessibility of the tracking threads is an important factor for generating more traffic and making it easier for pilots to view the times that controllers will be open. If the tracking threads are more visible, I think it’ll be easier for all of us - both pilots and controllers.

Made a topic about it too.


I understand that IFATC is still figuring this out also. But it’s just really frustrating when the creativity of routes is gone as usually KLAX and EGLL is open so I basically fly to those two airports only with knowing I will have ATC service.

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Im not planning to give many solutions as I know some IFATC people like this way of schedules, and since its just a topic on my oppinion about this topic.

I love the new system.

Previously we had a massive concentration of traffic condensed around often under equipped airports, with stressed controllers and inexperienced “pylots” making the mess even worse.

Now the traffic is spread out nicely around the world with the hotspots naturally receiving more movements.

Perhaps a middle ground would be each IFATC region releasing individual weekly schedules


I love your opinion on this, I agree that ATC now has less stress with managing the aircraft arriving or departing.

I’ve been wondering about having mini schedules within each region…perhaps weekly rotating?

So you have a main hub and two or three secondary airports covering a realistic area, say 1 to 3 hours flying time, to give choice.

Then you have to staff those places for a good amount of time through each day.

Pilots need to have a fair amount of certainly that frequencies will stay open long enough for their flights to be planned and completed…


Yeah thats what I thought could help with this thanks for the reply.

I think we should just give the new system some time.

As time passes, IFATC and pilots will become more accustomed to the new system and we should see more activity.


I mean, this schedule is mentally better for ifatc members in my opinion, I sometime control at training server and 50 arrivals already stressed me out, but imagine controlling 200 arrivals, it would be stressful and obviously they don’t want that.

I do agree that the current timetable is less fun but you need to think about the ifatc members, they are here to serve you for fun, they do not want to be stressed out and mess up the commands.

And maybe someone is already senior enough to control 200 flights for a constant hour, but not everyone is the same.


Agreed - the good thing with this is we are no longer seeing airports with 30+ minute takeoff and approach queues - we are now seeing much more efficient service and this system will also allow IFATC to introduce more realism with regards to managing traffic.


Again, don’t jump on to conclusions yet. I oftentimes hear people saying this to the people who give a negative opinion, yet they tell their positive opinion on this new system “just 9 days in”.

What I’d say is give it time and get used to it. As you may see, opinions are very contrasted about this new system, and both IFATC and pilots have different opinions about it. I’m among the ones who dislike this new functioning - I won’t say why because else I’ll get told “it’s too early to judge” - but as I know we won’t roll back to the ATC schedule, I’ll simply try to get used to it and see how it works in the future, wishing, of course, the best for the region system.


I like the regions because the thought of it was to have coverage world wide and not just in a region.

I understand that it gets frustrating because you just don’t knownif IFATC will be present when you are planning your flights.

What I can say as a controller is that EGLL is almost always represented by the IFATC, usually even with approach.
KLAX has also made frequent appearances.
It is also almost “safe” to assume, that IFATC is usually at placed where there are 3D buildings…

Me, I usually control EDDM or LOWW. EDDM usual gets some nice traffic, especially once IFATC is there.

I spent 2 hours there one time and traffic was always steady.

I would recommend going on the IFATC threads for each region just to see who’s planning what.

Also: there are a lot of events which almost always guarantee IFATC to be present (even if you’re not part of the event, you can always tag along).

I hope this helps

Take care


I just wish I got traffic when ever I opened smaller airports. I hope we eventually implement the opportunity for officer controllers to be able to control tracon and TGS like supervisors can to generate traffic. I’m sure more people would open then, because right now, people are hesitant to do so. Nobody wants to sit for an hour to see two planes depart, its just not worth it. The problem right now also is that the 3D airports are basically your umbilical if you want to get any traffic really, you have to open around them otherwise you get nothing.


See you in 3 months when I will actually be able to form any opinion at all. Right now, this new system has opened up a ton of amazing possibilities.


Hello! We love to see feedback from the community of the new regions and are disappointed you are upset with them. But, this is the first week, we are in open beta, and a lot of factors drive hubs to be open.

I’m happy to be working with the US-East team where we’ve been able to draw traffic away from the hubs and while doing so (with less traffic) give realistic procedures, like realistic vectors of departure.

Not to mention, we are aiming to staff all events within our region. This means if you have a unique airport you want to see staffed, you can make that happen.

I do understand your concern from the pilot side of things. I don’t care if I have ATC when I fly though so the regions aren’t a huge concern for me. But you can explore the world still and maybe ATC with see that inbound and be driven to explore as well. The issue is people feel like the only airports they can go to are hubs right now and ATC follows the traffic… so yeah, ATC will then open up the hubs ***

From the ATC side, this has opened up so many more opportunities to staff unique airports with more traffic then they would ever get before the regions. I’ve opened RDU and RSW so far with regions and have been able to get traffic of my liking.

Thanks again for speaking out, just my side of the situation :)