My opinion and story of the IFC

Infinite flight and it’s community have made me learn a lot of things about aviation in the real life. It’s helped me manage to develop some of my skills and understanding on how simple real life aviation works. It may not be the most realistic but it certainly is the most social mobile simulator

My opinion and story on IFC

Well I first noticed the community on the in-built community in Infinite flight on an update they did with multiplayer, but I really just ignored that. Then I fully noticed after getting my subscription in late 2018 (Around October and I don’t know why i noticed it then). Then on the beginning of February, I joined seeing how social it was about aviation. Since 2012 I was just fiddling on Infinite flight and learning from that, but then I really was boosted up on learning when I watched tutorials. At first, I just hung around, then I started to gradually actively participate in stuff like guess the aircraft and airline and guess the airport. I then started participating in events and fly outs to eventually become the active person (or trying to be) I am. I really just love everything about the IFC, the events and group flights sub-categories where everyone can just meet up in the simulator and fly together, or out of an airport, the features category where we can vote for something to be added, the real-world aviation category where we can talk about what’s going on outside and the tutorials category so we can learn how to fly and how to use and understand the key aviation terms and features in infinite flight. Not only that I like but the people. From the staff and regulars who are the backbone of the IFC and are happy to help to the new and basic users, may still learning about the IFC. From the super active people, who are there everyday to people who may check-in once a week or month, the really contributive people to people who just tap in. From really knowledgeable people of aviation (I.e pilots, Air traffic controllers) to people who have just joined the world of aviation. Honestly, there are so many variations and so many different people in the community and so many topics, that’s it’s just wonderful. Seeing all this has really increased my interest in aviation, and also in infinite flight. Even without a subscription with me flying on solo, I can always tune into what’s up in the IFC.

So that pretty much concludes me and my opinion and story on the IFC. I’d like to thank all the staff and everyone on this community to committing there time into the game and this community, to make it what it is now. Honestly if it wasn’t for everyone, then I don’t think this would be what it is now.


Really great to hear that you like IFC! staff do a tremendous job 😉. Enjoy the stay from here on.

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That there was like a 5-star review for the forum. I feel proud that you’re satisfied with our help. Do enjoy your stay, and why not spend that time to make the forum better? Just contact us if you have any advice. Thanks! 👍🏻😉


It is such a unique community! That’s why makes IFC great!


Well I think this is the first fully positive ‘opinion’ on IF and the IFC, thanks for your time! You make a part here at the IFC

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It’s rare to see someone not complain about something. Super glad that you enjoy the forum like I do.


Dang. I’m speechless. What all of them above☝🏻 me said👍🏼👌


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