My One Year IFC Anniversary

One whole year. Twelve months. Three hundred and sixty five days. Where has all this time gone? As the world is slowly getting back to what it was before the pandemic, we have been given the opportunity to look back on what was an eventful year. We all went through hard times, and through good times, and although this topic is a few days late in coming, it will never be to late to give your appreciation, apologies, or well wishes to those that deserve them. Here is my Infinite Flight story.

In spring 2020, a national lockdown was announced in my home country, Ireland. As this lockdown was extended to last until at least the summer, I turned to Infinite Flight as a way to escape the hours of boredom that came with staying at home all the time. I had the app on my device, which at that time was an old iPad (3rd or 4th Gen), and I decided to give it a go again, after not having touched it since before the space shuttle was removed.

I began by flying on the solo server, flying as many realistic routes as I could. The availability of routes that I has not yet flown dwindled, and I began to wonder, what would Infinite Flight Pro be like? After watching many videos online about this, I came to the conclusion that this would be just what I needed. And then, I bought my first subscription to Infinite Flight Pro. During this month long period, I came to the realisation that my device was crashing more often than not, so I was forced to run it on minimum settings for flights lasting no longer than maybe two to three hours.

During this time, while reading through the tips and tricks etc. while waiting for my flight to load in, I came across the Infinite Flight Community. I decided to check it out, and immediately I was blown away by the massive community of support that this simulator has. I was awestruck, and had so many things to do, to ask, to post. As a forum rookie, I posted way too many topics, and replies, and I do apologise greatly for this. However, no matter how many questions I asked, how many topics I created, there would always be someone there to send on a helpful reply.

Not long after I had been active on the forum, I came across the stunning world of Virtual Airlines and Organisations. I searched for my favourite airline in real life, Aer Lingus, and there it was, Aer Lingus Virtual. After reading through the application requirements, I began to work on my account statistics, bringing the grade up from grade two to grade three, which is no small feat when you’re only able to fly short hauls maximum.

After meeting the requirements, I applied, passed my entrance exam, passed my check flight, and joined the crew at EIVA. I was astounded to see how many fellow Irish people were actively flying in the skies of Infinite Flight, and I was over the moon that I could be part of such an amazing group of people.

A few months into my journey now, and I was offered a staff position at FRVA. I accepted this offer and took over the position of Head of Internal Affairs. I feel that this post helped me to gain valuable skills, and I am honoured to have worked alongside the other staff and crew there.

Now, it is time to discuss one of my darkest times here in the world of Infinite Flight. I made many mistakes, and shouldn’t have let my own troubles be afflicted on others on the forum, and on Virtual Airlines when I was angry or frustrated. After a massive mistake, I stepped down from my role at FRVA, and left both the Virtual Airline and Community world for some time.

Shortly after the beginning of 2021, I decided that it was time for a refresh. With my country being plunged into another lockdown for the better part of four months, I decided to purchase a new device, an iPad 8th Generation and begin to fly once again. Before coming back to be an active contributor to the IFC, after not having been in regularly over the past four months, I made a promise to myself that I would be respectful and kind to each and every person on this community, and in VAs as well. I needed to show people what I was really capable of, instead of being the person that I know now that I shouldn’t of been.

Fast forward to today, I have rejoined virtual airlines, became more active in the community, and enjoyed every second of it. To the moderation team, I want to say how much I and others appreciate the work that you do to keep us safe and happy. To the development team, thanks for creating such a fantastic simulator, and good luck on your future endeavours within the simulator.

Finally I want to thank a few people which have really made my experience in this community go from good, to amazing. If you aren’t quoted in this list, don’t worry, there have been too many helpful, kind, amazing people for me to remember, but you have been excellent as well.

  • @Vortex From the day I joined EIVA, to the time we shared as staff mates at FRVA, you have been an unreal person, and a great friend. Thanks for this experience, and hope to see you in the cockpit in the future.

  • @Rian16 Another amazing person, who myself, @JornGroen, @khyden_bennett and @Vortex shared a fantastic experience of helping with the former Ryanair Virtual.

  • @CaptainHugh @Sean_McCormack @Sharan.Somayaji @twig @EI-AVA and everyone else I missed who have flown alongside me with EIVA. Thanks so much for the warm welcomes you gave me at the start of my journey, for the support you gave me during good times and bad times, and up until today. I am honoured to have met you all.

  • @Naz @Nicholas_Henry @Gary_Crinnion @Marc_Gallagher @Ryan_Gibb @AviatorJack @CaptainBenjamin It is down to all of you, and the hard work that you have put into Aer Lingus Virtual, that this VA is the place that it is today. With an amazing rank system, routes all across Europe and North America, codeshares across the globe, a discussion that’s always full of good craic, EIVA is an amazing place to be. Thank you so much.

  • To everyone else who I haven’t mentioned here, thanks for making my journey in this simulator and community one that I will always remember.


Good times man😭, thanks so much. It was really nice having you as Head of Internal Affairs.

You did super well as HIA, I believe you would make a great staff member at another VA/VO:)

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@twig @Rian16 Thanks for the replies. Those words mean a lot. 😊


This is exactly how I found the IFC too!

Congrats on one year!

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Thanks so much!

Thanks for the individual mention bro. It means a lot. Its so much fun flying and managing alongside you as well and yes hopefully we will meet in the cockpit some day! 🇮🇪☘

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That’s some story Patrick! I’m glad you’re getting so much from IF, and more importantly to me - still enjoying Aer Lingus VA! Glad to have you back at EIVA. And congrats on your first year.


Here’s to many future opportunities to fly and manage with you both within the simulator and in real life. 🥂

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That means so much to me Naz. I know that I have made mistakes, but I feel that it is only because of these mistakes that I have become the person I am today. I look forward to the future with many flights with you all. ☘️

Smart Flyers Aer Lingus Virtual.


Thank you Patrick! Thanks for flying with me too! :)
Congrats on your first year! Hope you have many more years of happy flying anywhere! :)


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Thanks so much! You too 😁

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No problem Patrick! You were an amazing staff at Ryanair virtual and always worked really hard to deliver the best virtual airline to everyone at FRVA. I hope you fulfil your dreams in aviation and get the grades you need to be a pilot! : )

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