My One-Year Anniversary!

1) Background to the photos
I have been on Infinite Flight for over a year now and have been on IFC for exactly a year now. I decided to celebrate by recreating my first flight on online Infinite Flight ever.
2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Casual Server, 1300Z, KSFO-KLMT, Continental DC-10
3) Photos

We are parked at our gate at KSFO, ready to fly north. This is going to be an excited flight!

A troll was doing pattern work. What you see is the result.

Goodbye, San Francisco!

To the right of the plane is the tri-point between California, Nevada, and Oregon.

Get ready for a very scenic landing!

Before lining up with the runway, I descended into a small mountain basin. It was totally worth it.

There is a great butter (or grease), which is pretty surprising because I usually suck at scenic landings.

We have arrived at Crater Lake.

The moral of the story is…go to Crater Lake Airport for mountainous approach practice!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I have enjoyed my one year on IF.


Don’t recommend going there.


Great job.

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Nice photos, and happy cakeday, @Gtmkm98!

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Happy cakeday @Gtmkm98! Nice photos too.

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