My One Million XP Flight!

Hey guys! Well I took a little deviation from creating my 3rd spotting topic to make this because it’s a little more special :D.

Today I celebrated my 1 Million flight! I wasn’t even paying attention until after I had finished the flight and I had crossed 1 million xp!

Enough blabbering, let’s fly into it!

Delta A350
4 hours and 9 minutes
Expert Server

Parked at the gate in a deserted SeaTac airport.

Blast off from 34R

Climbing out into a blue sky…

Soaring above the beautiful mountains

Let me know what you think about this one, I took this from inside the engine and I think it looks pretty neat.

Sunset descent into Atlanta

On final for 8L at Hartsfield!

A smooth greasy touchdown to celebrate 1 Million XP!

Parked and watching the beautiful sunset!

Thanks all for stopping by!

Here’s to 1 million more! 🎉



Congrats! Nice shots as well!


Thank you! Appreciated!

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Congratulations great post 😄✌️

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Thank you so much Josh!

Congrats on 1,000,000!

Where’s my 789,750xp gang at?! 😂

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Thanks Jacoob!

its no where to be found…

Congratulations @AviationFreak! 1 Million takes work and dedication!

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Only took 5 years… 😂

Thank you!

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Congratulations @AviationFreak !! Love that shot out the cabin window, haven’t been able to perfect that technique yet…

…to many more XP! Cheers!!

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Congratulations Love the photos by the way

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Let’s get this topic to 50 likes

Congrats! Major achievement! One day I’ll join the 1m club

Thank you so much Enigma! I love the new internal free cam!

Here’s to 1 million more! 😂

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Thank you so much!

Thank you Mr.Aviation2929!

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Congratulations dear your one million XP .
I love all the pictures good job 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.
And welcome to the club .

Your welcome. And you don’t have to call me Mr.

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Thank you!

You get a lot of XP by simply doing pattern work. It’s a great way to grind XP

Thank you!

Is there a special group chat or something? 😂😂

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