My Old Spotting Pictures (Part 3)

Found more. These were the last of clearing my old Pixel 1. Maybe I’ll share some from my DSLR next.

1. Departing KRNT in a Piper. Flying on Rainier Flight Service in the co-pilot seat.

2. A Delta A350 (When they were more rare) at KATL.
3. A pair of Royissia Ilyushin Il-96s at OR Tambo in Johannesburg. Thanks @Delta319
4. A special livery A380 at a gate in Johannesburg.
5. An AIRLINK ERJ at Maun Airport, Botswana.

Flying in a Kenmore Air C208 over the San Juan Islands, WA, USA.
6. Flying parallel to the Olympic Peninsula back to KBFI from the San Juans.
7. Flying over Downtown Seattle approaching KBFI.
8. The buttery landing at KSEA with the co-pilot’s head and Mount Rainier.

Which was your favorite?

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couple of Royissia Ilyushin Il-96s by the looks of it


Thanks so much.


Appears to be an ERJ-135/145.
Nice pictures as well.

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Rip. It was a long time ago so I forgot.

Great shots Merka!

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These are awesome just like the last ones @Captain_Merka, great job and I can’t wait to see a possible part 4!

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#4 will hopefully be from a DSLR.

The open cargo door on the Emirates A380 looks so small compared to the actual size of the aircraft

wow! Thanks, I didn’t notice that when I was editing

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I’m currently looking for some spotting pictures from King Salmon, Alaska, USA.

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