My Official (Aviation) Photography Website

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It has been launched ^.

Not all photographs have been uploaded but I have the starter sets uploaded. It takes a while to set up the complete page so it will take a while to get everything up, but I will post when aviation pages are added under this thread including the links.

Some of the benefits over Flickr:

  1. Images posted are edited to look better than the raw versions that I have posted on Flickr. This includes cropping, sharpness, color brilliance, and in some extreme cases, exposure.
  2. More photos! I go through my albums more carefully and select more examples than I would for Flickr
  3. There is a higher chance that information for the flight will be added in addition to the photo. The flight info is quite spotty on Flickr
  4. All things I photograph go on this website: Not only just planes but trains, buses, nature, NYC, others. These were previously only available to the regulars in the lounge but now anyone can view them. Of course, most of those photos haven’t been uploaded yet but they will ultimately.
  5. There is a short summary of my trip to the best of my memory as a short briefing before each photo to provide context or a little story.

The only aviation spotting trip uploaded is the most recent one to LaGuardia airport, it includes photos not posted on Flickr if that’s any incentive to check it out:

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Note: Please do not re-use any photos without permission. No images are to be used for commercial uses, and if you want it for private use, please fill out the contact form.


Boeing707 You should make this a forum for members! So others can post and commend on your pictures. You’d get quite popular anyhow.