My Nov 2 to Dec 2 live is expired but my another one month purchased does not automatically added

I was just going to ask
Last Nov 2 i had a purchasing issue and it was my first time to encounter an issue like that. And i am thankful th it was been fixed but i purchased 2 month at the same day (as you can see on picture) via google play… But on my account i saw the expiring date is DEC 2. Since i purchased 2 months live on that day, NOV 2 it should be expire on JAN 2… Someone told me on my post same with this topic, the other live i purchased will be added automatically i try to log in and press the i have already subscription but it wont apply

You purchased both on the same day. Sadly IF doesn’t let People do this. If I were you I’d email them about the situation


@david please reply on my report… what requirments do i have to show that i purchased a 1 month live twice at the same time? :( i dont want my money wasted or i will just refund it… i’m a little busy this days

Technically, this shouldn’t be possible. If you have the receipt though, FDS will sort this out for you.

Drop an email to and David will help you out there (be sure to include a copy of your receipt) :)

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@Cameron thank you i already send and messgage and by the way the recipt was in google play right amd in email? I hope they could fix it or my 240 PHP is wasted :’(

When I bought first live, i accidentely bought twice. Unfortunately i didn’t knew an IFC website existed. My €5 was gone😭

It was already fixed thank you again @david big brother…

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