My Not-So Mediocre Return to Virtual Photography!


I have returned to the #screenshots-and-videos category, in which I hope to start posting in regularly again. Even thought the IFC screenshot league was canceled, I still think I got a load of experience with editing and virtual photography skills. So now I’m here with my 9 best photos that either didn’t make it into the IFC screenshot league, or I decided to take afterwards just for fun. Without further ado, here we go!

First up, an F-14 moonshot! I hopped into my F-14 and flew up to 30’000ft and got the time perfect.

This is an old replay from the Infinite Flight Air Olympics, but a new photo. I’m sure @anon9524891 can remember this! 😜

The New Zealand mountains, with Air New Zealand! Now that’s what I call a dynamic duo! Also, let me know what you think of my fancy new watermark. If it’s cool, I’ll add it to all my photos.

Formation flight with me, myself, and I. I just pulled up in my F-22 and worked my magic to create this “collage” of a formation flight.

This was one of my photos for the IFC screenshot league, but sadly I didn’t use it. So it’s here now. 😛

Say hello to @Mukundan_Srivatsa and @USA_ATC! We were doing an A-10 formation, and our formation break was incredible. And the moonshot makes it all the better.

Showing off the F-22 while testing its post-stall maneuverability over the Arizona desert.

Practicing more super-maneuverability and post-stall loops with the F-22. This time in the Canadian sunset over the Canadian Rockies.

This has to be one of my top-3 photos of all time. Me and @Raze doing a formation flight in the A-10 and F-14 over the Canadian Rockies (they’re so amazing). This one has definitely earned a spot in a top-10 topic if I make one. 😂

Is my watermark any good and should I keep it? Are these photos any good? We’ll find out after the break. 😛

Thank you so much for stopping by. Feed back is welcome as always, and have a great day IFC! It’s great to be back into the hobby of virtual photography, and I have to thank @Thunderbolt, @Sashaz55, and their IFC Screenshot League for that!


I really like your pictures especially the Air New Zealand 777.

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Thanks so much Nathan!

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No problem! I also like the watermark it’s a nice touch.

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Then it is decided, I will keep the watermark.

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Are you sure this is in IF? I’m convinced this is real life.

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It’s in IF, don’t worry. 🙃

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Amazing @Butter_Boi! Great to see you back in the game.

Collab? 😏

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Haha. It’s about time I make a full return! Thank you!


Love the shot of us! Definitely a screensaver!