My next region?

I think the question is simple enough? I’m wanting a new region but can’t decide which one so thought I’d throw it out there and get some thoughts from you all?

I’m favouring the Paris region but I hear good things about New York although it’s a small region and the Caribbean looks like it could be fun.

Below are the regions I don’t yet have so please let me know what your thoughts are and how challenging, busy on advanced and in just your experience in general. I will take all pros and cons into consideration I prefer flying 757,747, A380 and A321’s but if there’s valleys/ mountains involved I love to break out the spit.

heres what i dont have,




New York



South Florida

Let me know and TIA


Can’t decide between Hawaii, Carribean, Seattle, and SoFlo. I would pick any of those.


South Florida, KMIA is amazing

Probably one of these 3.
Seattle, Hawaii or Denver.

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Hawaii every single time


I agree with you. They are my favourite regions.

Hawaii or SoFlo

Seattle, Hawaii, Caribbean, Denver
One or those 4

Thanks for the input so far, I’m assuming everybody loves Hawaii due to the terrain? What are the airports like in the region. Honolulu int looks ok and has some nice little hills to the East.,+USA/@21.3438046,-157.8863512,17226m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x7bffdb064f79e005:0x4b7782d274cc8628

I would also go with Hawaii or SoFlo ----> They have large maps with realistic routes you can fly that would take you into the 30min+ range for flight times. My favorite routes in the whole game are on these maps: PHNL - PHTO in the Hawaii map, or KMIA - KTPA in SoFlo.

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yep fully agree with you on both those routes, fly especially the PHNL-PHTO pretty regularly. IF you are flying the correct SID and STAR it can get challenging especially with the normal crosswinds you get in that region!


Hawaii, If you fly from PHNL to PHTO and back, you can Climb to FL 340!

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Denver is the one for mountain flying! You can do some long and high flights if you plan it right too!

im thinking Hawaii is winning this one.

Nice route and IRL

up to FL250

im thinking Hawaii


Hawaii it is then. Will be buying this region later today 👍 Thank you all for you’re input especially @David_Lockwood and @Snelweg_A15 your posts were the final nails in the region coffin.


I’d say Seattle

SoFlo, its a big region with a real flight route: KTPA–>KMIA by a AA738

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