My next flight

  • VHHH-KDFW 777-300ER American
  • RJAA-KDFW 787-9 Japan Airlines
  • YSSY-KDFW A380 Qantas

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These flights are for tonight where I will fly on expert into one of the airports that has designated IFATC

This poll will close at 6:30 pm eastern standard time

Also please note once you have voted for your route if your route wins I will be making a post from #screenshots-and-videos on the flight thank you for looking in to this topic

There is only 20 minutes left to vote

5 minutes left guys it’s really close between YSSY-KDFW and VHHH-KDFW

2 minutes and it is tied with the big A380 and the triple 7

And the winner is VHHH-KDFW with the American 777-300er thank you to every one who voted I will try to do these each time I fly thank you again guys this helped me a lot because I couldn’t figure out which route was the best and until next time safe flights and see you in the skies I will be departing from VHHH around 9:00 o clock eastern standard time try and spot me if you wish thank you again for coining out and voting

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My apologies I am know expected to depart at 8:30 because I base my flights off the time from flight aware and it says that AAL126 has a 14 hour and 7 minute total travel time

@Deercrusher will you close this please

Absolutely. I should’ve closed this earlier had I seen you spam your topic 8 times prior. 🙂