My next event

Hello IFC inhabitants

As many of you know, I love creating events for all to enjoy! 😜
Below are my current events!


12MAR23 | Massive Dubai Flyout
10FEB23 | 0100Z | Massive Tropical Flyout @KMIA - #2 by United403
11FEB23 | 2100Z | Nepal Flyout @VNKT - #23 by United403
12FEB23| 0100Z | Massive Columbus Flyout @KCMH - #3 by United403
26FEB23: The Iceland Flyout - #9 by United403
03MAR23: St. Thomas Flyout
19MAR23: Massive Houston Flyout
24MAR23: The Cork Flyout - #3 by Topgottem
08APR23| The Fort Lauderdale Flyout

Please help me choose my next event
Voting will be in 2 rounds with the first round closing at 0300Z on Feb 10

  • Please note that the server for these events is undecided atm
  • Zurich LSZH
  • London City EGLC
  • Buffalo Niagara KBUF
  • Jacksonville Int’l KJAX

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United403 πŸ‘‹


I think it’s pretty clear what my next event should be

Ouch KBUF got disrespected

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