My next event vote

My next event is going to be a landing competition or Flyout.

Vote closes at 12:30 ET

  • Landing competition
  • Flyout

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  • Nashville (KBNA)
  • Fort Lauderdale (KFLL)
  • St Maarten (TNCM)
  • St. Barths (TFFJ)
  • Cincinnatti (KCVG)

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The winning event type and airport is where it will take place. Have a good day.

I ran out if likes so if I don’t like your reply that is why.


If tie both airports will be included.

Hey man, you’ve already made one of these. Just use the data from there to avoid clogging up the forum.


This is a seperate vote I will delete that topic

Still. I doubt this thread is necessary. You can always PM your friends on the forum and ask their opinion instead of making 2 ‘my next event’ threads in a month.


The other one is shut down. I think this is fine it is a new topic with a diffirent question.

Okay, I see now that @Tyler_Shelton has just closed the old one. I’m assuming you can keep this one.

But really, Perth (YPPH) is the best place for an event, or maybe Aspen (KASE)


I’ll add it
Edit : shoot I can’t

So I guess we can’t edit things after 5 min

hmm… wouldn’t it be cool to have a landing competition using the opposite side of the normal runway at TNCM (with the mountain on final)


How is a St. Barths flyout winning.

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Have fun with that 😂

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I mean if it does win I would do it. The flights would be like 10 min long tho

Yea that’s true lol. Honestly if it were me i’d switch to TNCM because you would have longer flights and more routes and that would attract more people.

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IF St. Barths won the flyout, I would have multiple flyouts to TNCM from TFFJ then do a St. Maarten flyout

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I ran out of likes for tha day, so if I do not like your post that is why

8 more minutes to vote

I rather a TIST fly out.

Thats also a good idea. I’ll save that for alater date

Thanks mehnn