My next event? Thoughts?

Hi guys, I was wondering what my next event should be poll below

  • Landing Competition
  • Fly in
  • Fly out
  • Acrobactics competition
  • Group flight
  • Formation flight
  • Airshow

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Thanks for all the votes guys!!

I think you should do a fly out of KORD. It is one of my favorite airports.

Just a suggestion.


@InfiniteFlightAvgeek I put that one in thought but if you may know KSTL used to be a hub for American and TWA so I may do a retro themed one with flights to Europe and such I may mix in some WOW air too!

I’m going to a Baseball game after it’s over I will close the poll

Do a KBNA Flyout, It’s amazing with the small planes. No planecism allowed in Nashville.

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Fly outs bc of the ground traffic. Good stuff

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Please hold it at TTPP

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American is one of my favorite airlines. Their livery is amazing.


Hi I’m extending poll and closing it tomorrow. For now the fly out is winning. Would you be fine with the retro TWA/American at KSTL (The one I want) flyout or would you prefer TTPP or KBNA

TTPP As there are a lot of Caribbean Airports to fly to. Featured airline is Caribbean Airlines.

Airlines that fly to TTPP is Jetblue, American Airlines, Liat, United Airlines, Copa Airline.

Some others I forgot to list but just to keep it realistic.

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Do a Carribean flyout
Just a suggestion

He agrees! 😁

Landing competition pretty please 🥺

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You don’t have to do it, but MMMX Flyout please! It never gets busy here. :(

Here’s a poll for fly out

  • KSTL
  • TTPP
  • MMMX
  • KBNA

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There is a poll now. For the airport is above


The votes are in and TTPP will host my event. The event will be out shortly

Thank you all for voting here is my next event

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