My newest licenses! My adventure in Lighter than Air

Hey Y’all!

I have been gone for some time now. I just wanted to share and open the opportunity for discussion and i am looking to hop back into the community. In that past several months i got my hot air balloon rating. I did my private Lighter than Air (LTA) written and just a week later took my commercial LTA written. I continued my training over the next few weeks until the Designated Examiner was in town (only a few in the US) and when he was i took my private oral and practical. Only 4 days after passing and receiving my private LTA i turned around and did my commercial. That’s right 2 ratings in 4 days. I don’t know of any other hot air balloon pilots on here so if you are comment please. I am now on the hunt for hours as i am working into bigger balloons. I would love to answer any questions you have and talk about my experience. Maybe we could even compare. I look forward to jumping back in here and pretty soon hoping back into multiplayer (after i recover from those DPE fees lol)



@Balloonchaser look at this! ^


Congratulations dude.

I am a student hot air balloon pilot currently but within the next two months I should be the worlds newest private hot air balloon pilot! :)

Feel free to give me pointers and notify me of any events that you plan on attending (festivals/rally’s/fiestas)


Sweet! let me know if you need any help! I will be at the ABQ festival this year. Let me know if you make it out!

I am working on my private pilots license and plan on being a CFI until I get my commercial rating!


Hey Thanks! As a commercial LTA pilot i am also a CFI. We do not have a CFI rating for balloons. Once you get that commercial that allows you to sign logbooks.

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