My newest infinite flight timelapse

Please tell me if I’m allowed to advertise


Yes you are. Whether it’s Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter.

Awesome time lapse!


What happened to the wings lmao

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Thank you so much!

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I’m confused, what did happen to the wings?

hey goood video but next time can you not show your hud?
ist easy, in replay touch and hold for a few seconds an it should be gone. and for bringing it back you can do the same thing

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Hello and your video was amazing btw :)
I have a question how do you make a time lapse video with your flight?

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In one frame there were 2 sets of wings

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Oh lol, I’ll try and fix that next time if I can

Ok I will, thanks for the feedback!

Nah that’s not your fault that’s a game bug lol.

One tip tho for recording in replay mode, tap and hold th screen so the bar at the bottom disappears. If you’re changing view, cut out the point when you change it.

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Yep, i just got that from someone else. Thanks

Well, for editor I use Videoshop, and for thumbnail I use Canva. To record, I use basic screen recorder. Thanks for the feedback!

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I guess Delta now operates a codeshare with Fedex 😂 just messing with you but nice job

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Thanks, I hate that glitch lol