My New YouTube Channel

Hey guys i just started a YouTube channel. I post Infinite Flight videos. I know this is a very supportive community. It would mean a lot to me if you just click the subscribe button. I’ll be posting videos twice a week or even more, and i care about quality not quantity. I want to entertain people on this forum. Check out my video I made just today. Dont forget to subscribe and comment it would mean a lot to me as I said!


Sub 4 sub?

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Sure thanks for the support.

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It’s all love bro 👌🏻

Can you send me the link to your channel please

Click on the video it will open the youtube app

What’s your channel name, and what screen recording software do you use? I might get into making IF vids as well.

Saad Alkharaing the first one

I use az screen recorder

Is it free?

Is it for Apple too?

It is it just for android.

Oh ok then.

Sorry @Bulba

@Bulba sub4sub?

I did thanks. Also if you post more videos you should join the IFYT.

Also I subbed to you already.

Thank you so much

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well done mate nice video i subbed you dont forget to hit the red button on mine :)

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Bad landing, very hard touch

That was the appr not me

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