My New YouTube Channel And Video

I have a youtube channel and sometimes you want IF record so if you subscribe honors than can keep an eye on it as a new video online.

I just uploaded a new video on YT


Looks great 👍! If I was you, next time remove the iPad screen, and 30min it’s a bit long ;-)


Thanks for your comment

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Here to help and to support ;-) 😊

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Great video

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What could I do it differently the next video, and what’s good about this video course

great video :) if youd like to check my youtube channel out you may find it helpful. like and subscribe for future vids and tips :) thanks

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Wait what if you going to be doing your vids post them

Here mac

We did this so the forum won’t be cluttered with YT channel videos.
And whenever you can go and check out my channel

Yes I know it says ‘game’.

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nice channel and nice video’s

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