My new VA VASA

Today I decided I should get involved in the making of a VA. it’s name is VASA (Virtual Aeronautics and Space Administration) I don’t know why I was just a little bored and wanted to experiment making an airline and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. If you would like to join contact me via PM, for information about the VA see the website:

(EDIT) For the record this was me just having a bit of fun and practicing making a website with weebly, (and I needed to come up with something to make it about 😄) this VA is nothing serious, therefore I seriously don’t see anything happening with this in the near (or indeed far) future.

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lol is it just me or are there starting to be too many Virtual Airlines

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There have always been lots of virtual airlines starting on IF. It’s not really just a recent thing.

but it seems like there aren’t enough pilots supply outstrips demand

You can join multiple VAs you know. And if you look at the memberships of most VAs they are invariably quite high.

I belong to American Airlines virtual,vasa,my own flybe virtual and airitalia

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I have edited and added to the website now, I think I’ve got rid of all the bugs.